Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yes, I'm Totally Going to Use This as My Backup Blog from Now On.

I don't care how much verbal space junk there is out there with my name on it. I like this place. I like the dots on it. It has dots! (No, I'm not on Ambien, though that's not a bad idea . . . )

How Many Stupid Blogs Do I Have?

I just read my last few entries, during which I complain that this isn't my real "backup blog." It ought to be, since this is actually where I post when I can't get to the main site—except when I've logged onto "Conservatives Who Say Fuck" by mistake, because it uses a different identity (but IIRC, the same password).

Note to self: fix that.

"Cocktails Are Liquid Forgiveness."

Bartender/writer Andrew Bohrer discusses Tom Waits' song "Down There by the Train": "it is fairly obvious that this is a song about death . . . In a less dramatic way, for me it is just a song about being done, and being tired, [of] needing relief and forgiveness. Cocktails are liquid forgiveness."

Bohrer;s post enumerates the drinks based on songs from Tom Waits's oeuvre, providing recipes and in most cases pictures. It's an extensive collection, as one might imagine.

Which leads me to wonder (around closing time, natch) just how many drinks have been spawned by the work of Leonard Cohen. Certainly, there is the King Cohen, and the drink Leonard himself invented, the Red Needle.

I'm working on a drink based on Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse, but it's slow-going so far. I do know that it'll be served on the rocks.

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