Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Okay. Long Entries Here, for Now.

Since I'm limited to blog-haiku at my main site, I'll post anything of substance that happens to cross my tiny little mind here.

This does not get you off the hook WRT to clicking on my advertsisers' links. If anything, it makes it more imperative that you go to the main site five times a day, to see if I'm still camped out in the bloggy wilderness, or whether I've metaphorically made it back to the lodge and had a hot meal, a shower, and a glass of red wine.

Which leads me to this question, by the bye:

When you go camping—literally camping—what is it you miss the most? For me, as a little girl, it was always milk, French bread, and the [very trite] hot showers.

Can you tell I'm behind on sleep?